Guest Post:  Meet Spider by MV Ellis

Guest Post: Meet Spider by MV Ellis

“This is definitely going to be my new favorite book of all time. I’ve just NEVER been hit with the emotions I have with Spider. It’s just grabbed my heart and soul, and I don’t think it will ever let it go.” – Goodreads reviewer

Spider is the second book in my Rough Ink series, and Spider and Emi’s rollercoaster ride of a love story that will wrench you by the heartstrings. I truly can’t wait for you to fall into their web.

Like Zed, this is an opposites attract love story that plays out in and around SK:eTCH, the tattoo studio owned by Arlo Jones of my Heartless Few Series. However, that’s where the similarities end. Whereas Zed is a seemingly brusque and terse alpha who plays his cards close to his chest, his friend and right-hand man Spider is the polar opposite—this beautiful gentle giant is open, friendly and easygoing. By his own admission, he’s had it easy, coasting through life without a care in the world

“I thought I always had tomorrow. Then one day, tomorrow was today, and all I had were regrets.” ~Spider

Things have always gone his way, and he’s never had to struggle or fight for what he wanted. That is until Emi comes crashing into his world with a—literal—bang. In stark contrast to our eponymous hero’s path, nothing has ever been easy for Emi. Everything she has, she’s had to fight for, including her happiness, her dignity, and ultimately her life.

“Your life is like you—clean, and pretty, and straightforward, and perfect. Mine is ugly, and gnarly, and complicated, and messy.” ~Emi

When the two meet, under the most exceptional of circumstances, despite the instant and intense chemistry between them, theirs is by no means a boy-meets-girl, and they live happily ever after love story. Just like everything in her world, Emi has to work hard for happy ever after, and it’s by no means an easy ride for either of them.

“She’d come crashing into my life in the most dramatic way possible, and it hadn’t exactly been smooth sailing since then, yet I was already sure I didn’t want her to leave.” ~Spider

Fraught with intense emotion, tragedy and drama on both sides of the equation, the path of their true love runs anything but smooth.

“I feel like the itsy bitsy spider. Every time I make it to the top of the spout, some kind of drama or setback rains down on me, and I’m right back in the drain again.”  ~Emi

Dealing with some sensitive and emotionally challenging themes, Spider and Emi’s romance is an intense wild ride of really high highs, and really low lows.  It will have you laughing, crying, and sometimes gasping in disbelief as along with a beautiful cast of diverse characters, you watch them learn to overcome the hurt, fear, and pain, and heal the scars of the past to open their hearts, and let in the love that they each so desperately crave.



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