The Trail to You


©2019 The Trail to You | Lindsay Detwiler | Hot Tree Publishing
©2019 The Trail to You | Lindsay Detwiler | Hot Tree Publishing

The trail to love is sometimes paved with pawprints.

An independent blonde seeking a fresh start.

Orphaned and unhappy, Ally Hunter makes a life-changing decision to move across the country to a small town that once felt like home. As she reinvents herself, she realizes there?s one part of the equation missing?love. However, a tragedy from the past makes her hesitate when it comes to giving up her heart.

A betrayed man looking for a sense of pride.

Abandoned by his first love and family, Ronan has one friend he can truly count on?his two-hundred-pound mastiff, Henry. When he returns home from service in the National Guard, though, he finds his entire life catapulted in a different direction with the disappearance of his beloved dog.

A loyal four-legged friend who will unexpectedly bring them together.

When Henry, Ronan?s brindle mastiff, finds himself far from home, Ronan sets out on a journey to bring him back. However, as the trail to Henry leads Ronan to Ridgewood, Virginia, and an interior designer with a big heart, he?ll realize some hardships lead to beautiful discoveries.

The Trail to You is a sweet stand-alone romantic novel.

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Lindsay Detwiler


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