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Six resorts, multiple coastlines, and an insane amount of romance is the result of where my mind traveled during my treatment for breast cancer.

I needed to escape – to a lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, to ride the waves in Huntington Beach, California and, of course, to get lost in Napa Valley.

I wanted to catch a wine thief, solve a decades old mystery, and without reservation, fall madly, hopelessly in love.

My heroines were geeks, rebels, and outcasts. They were women battling their own demons to become their own hero.

The men in their lives were friends, competitors, protectors, and spies.

The sex was messy, passionate, and emotionally raw.

Each of these Resort Romance stories gave back a piece of me that cancer seemed determined to take.

I was still a newlywed when breast cancer developed into ovarian cancer. There was never a surgery where I didn’t wake in recovery to the blue, blue eyes of my bald man beside me.

Every evening he brought me coffee and my phone. One comforted me and the other saved me. I wrote all six books in the notes app of my phone. Each story took me far away from the sterile hospital room that had become commonplace. Each romance ignited by own.

And like all good stories, happily ever after happened when cancer didn’t win – love did.

Find your escape with the Resort Romance Box Set from Hot Tree Publishing.

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