Guest Post: The One Song That Epitomizes OCEANS AWAY

I absolutely love music. It’s constantly on in the background when I’m writing, reading, or just going about everyday life. Most of the time, it’s the country genre, but I also enjoy pop. As with all my stories, I create a playlist of songs that I listen to the most while writing. For Oceans Away, several songs were on repeat, but the one that I believe truly epitomizes Ireland and Gideon’s love story is “Ocean” by Martin Garrix and Khalid. Ironically, the song also helped me come up with the title. I was in a rut and couldn’t think of a title or even a song that summed it all up. That’s when I heard “Ocean” on the radio. I immediately got goose bumps and knew this was what I’d been searching for. 

If you haven’t heard it, here are some of the lyrics:

You could put an ocean between our love, love, love
It won’t keep us apart
You could build a wall, I would run it up, up, up
Just to get to your heart
If we’re caught in a wave
Baby, we’ll make a way
You could put an ocean between our love, love, love
It won’t keep us apart

Those words are Gideon Taggart to a tee. He’s been in love with Ireland Leighton since they were children and never gave up hope that someday they’d be together. Despite their shaky relationship, Gideon is the rock Ireland never knew she needed. I won’t give too much of the story away because it truly is spectacular how the two find each other after being apart for years.

Later in the song is where I connected Ireland to the lyrics:

When my head goes in different directions
You know my heart’s never on the move
And in the dark times, you don’t have to question
If I’m a hundred with you…

Shadows play on idle hands
I lose myself, I do
But I’ve found my way to velvet sands
I’ll crash right into you

No matter how many years pass, Ireland feels the pull of her hometown. She searched the globe for happiness, but never found it. Home is where she feels the most comfortable. It’s also the place she hasn’t wanted to return to because of who she’ll find. Gideon is the man she’s been running from, but she always ends up right where she started. 

Throughout Oceans Away, there’s a tug and pull between Ireland and Gideon’s romance. Being a free spirit, Ireland doesn’t want to settle and if she chooses Gideon, she’s afraid that’s exactly what will happen. Gideon’s aware of Ireland’s wanderlust and doesn’t want to hold her down with his affection. 

In the end, these words fit Gideon’s selfless love:

Tell me what you’re crying for
I’ll wipe your tears, oh love
If your soul is aching love
We’ll comfort you for sure

Gideon would do anything for the woman he loves, even let her go if it secured her happiness. Ireland must choose between a safe future and what she believes could be the best adventure of her lifetime. Whether with Gideon or by herself, Ireland finds out exactly why love transcends Oceans Away.

I’m off to listen to “Ocean” on repeat, and I hope you’ll grab your copy of book two in my Atlas series, Oceans Away and enjoy Ireland and Gideon’s story.

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