Guest Post: The Most Difficult Part of Writing CREDENCE by Skye McNeil

Throughout the Mobster Files, I’ve struggled with scenes, tossed and turned over characters and their decisions, and tried not to get carried away with my villains. If you haven’t read books 1-2 yet, I’ll try not to spoil any OMG moments or twists and turns in Cameron and Joci’s story.

The most difficult part of writing Credence was Adrian Petosa. If you’re new to the series, Adrian is Joci Dorous’s ex-husband who also works closely with her. Adrian and I have fought back and forth with his character arc and how I wanted him to come across to readers. 

In Credence, we see there’s more to Adrian than a jealous ex or even a supportive law partner. It was difficult for me to write Adrian from a different perspective than the one he had in books 1-2. His story affects many other characters and it was important that I address him properly before the series ended.

I wanted to do justice for every character in Credence because they’ve come so far since that fateful Halloween day our trilogy began. Honestly, I cried writing parts of Credence because the Mobster Files incorporates so many characters that are close to me personally. Saying goodbye to one let alone all of them is impossible, but the series ends on a high note that will make you smile and believe in true love.

I hope Credence will make you laugh, cry, and love. Happy reading. 




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