Guest Post: Skye McNeil & An Introduction to Macha MC

Guest Post: Skye McNeil & An Introduction to Macha MC

Today marks the release of Doc T, book one in my Macha Motorcycle Club (MC) series. I’m sure many of you have read a few MC series in the past. I’ve read my fair share of the niche genre and while I didn’t always love the story, there was something that I loved: family. Always having someone who had your back is rare in life and it was something I needed to include in this series.

Before I started writing Macha MC, the books were actually meant to be a mafia series. My publisher gently guided me toward the MC world since both the mafia and MC have similar structures and that suspenseful twist I love to include. I am so grateful they did too! I can’t see these characters as anyone else now.

Macha MC is different, not your stereotypical club. While I can’t go into too much detail, I hope you give the club a chance.  Like me, you’ll instantly fall in love with not only the characters but also the foundation of Macha.

In Celtic mythology, Macha is the goddess of war, life, and death. She is the protectress in both battle and peace and is quite cunning as well. I chose this goddess as the MC’s patron because she encompasses the pillars of the club. No club with this goddess would dare purposefully mistreat a woman; therefore, the club members respect women and must never raise an angry hand toward one. 

Why’d I include this? I mean, it is a motorcycle club and that means there are club ‘girls’. While I accept the tradition of having MC groupies, I didn’t want the women to be mere items. In Macha, the nymphs are respected, cared for, and treated with respect. I know what it is to be mistreated like many club ‘girls’ and didn’t want that to be part of the club I love. 

Macha MC is a new type of club. Sure, the men are rowdy, flirty, and cuss up a storm, but they also have a sweet side. In every installment, the main male character is a bad boy with a heart of gold. He may be the roughest, toughest guy out there, but there’s a soft side to him. One that you’ll only discover by reading Macha MC.

I hope you enjoy Doc T, book one in Macha MC, and find the heart of gold that made me fall in love with this story.


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