Guest Post: Roll The Dice & Meet My Newest Alpha Hero

Roll The Dice And Meet My Newest Alpha Hero


“I started with the core idea of the five dots, but then I started to think about how everyone on the inside has a story that led them there. Together the piece is about how life is really a series of unexpected events—rolls of the dice, if you like—that converge to a point…I know for me, it was a few brutal rolls of those dice, and my life was never the same again.” Zed, Rough Ink Book 1.


Zed is the first of a new series which sees me making a departure from the rock star trope to new pastures. Expect the same badass, sexy, broody guys, angst galore, witty banter, scorching bedroom scenes, and kickass sassy women; but with a whole new world, and cast of characters to get to know and love.


In this rollercoaster ride of a romance, a tattooist, a corporate lawyer, and an entitled billionaire teen find themselves thrown together under difficult and unusual circumstances. Sparks fly between withdrawn and defensive tattoo artist Zed, and kickass corporate lawyer Octavia “Vivi” Douglas. Try as they might, the heat between the two of them is impossible to ignore, and they’re inexplicably drawn to each other from the get-go.


Locked in a prison of his own-making, Zed is riddled with guilt about the skeletons of his past, and does his best to resist his growing attraction to sassy and headstrong Vivi. In turn, ever the lawyer, Vivi can’t help but try to work out what what happened to make him that way. Easier said than done when he’s determined to keep himself, and his secrets to himself.


Her lips felt like velvet-wrapped promises I really wanted to keep.


Another roll of fate’s dice sees Xavier unwittingly become the glue that draws the seemingly mis-matched pair ever-closer, and somewhere along the way the boundary line between professional and personal becomes obscured, and opposites attract.


Set around the backdrop of SK:eTCH, the tattoo studio owned by Arlo Jones from my Heartless Few books (who will make a few cameos throughout this new series, so keep your eyes open), in this book we get a first glimpse of a host of new kickass characters whom we’ll be getting to know even better as their stories unfurl throughout this series.


As much as I have loved developing the Heartless Few stories, it was great fun to create a fresh new setting, and explore a raft of witty, fun and engaging characters once again.


Three further books in the series will see me delve into the lives, losses, and loves of the other artists at SK:eTCH and some other key players in the Rough Ink family, and I look forward to sharing those books with you.

I know you’re going to fall for this quirky and badass bunch the way I already have.

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Let’s roll the dice!

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