Guest Post: Reflections

I’m sitting here on my sofa which is my favorite writing spot, with my dog, cup of coffee, and open laptop.  My thoughts are drifting between book plots and the work I have piled up in my repair shop.  I have to wonder a bit how I got here?  Simple.  I’ve been very blessed with supportive teachers, and great mentors along my journey.

One of my first writing experiences happened in Mr. Spencer’s seventh grade class.  I wrote an essay I titled Civil or Savage?  I don’t remember what it was about, but I do remember when my teacher took that essay and read it out loud to the class.  He called it outstanding and to a twelve year old geeky girl, that was the start of my love for writing.  Poetry came next in high school and a number of my works were put in the yearbook.  Mrs. Travis encouraged me to put some of my pieces into a competition.  I didn’t’ win anything, but just her support and belief in me meant the world.  Mr. Frederick Fuller came next.  He taught me advanced composition and I thrived in his class.  Lots of short stories, some horror, some mystery, and of course, some romance.

In reflecting back on my life, I think writing became inevitable.  I love the craft and love the work that goes into making a book come to life.  It’s been a long time coming for me, but I’m here, still on my sofa, with a snoring dog and in need of a coffee refill.  Brick, Dragon Runners MC is coming out soon and is the fifth book in this series.  I have another one in the hopper and three more on deck.  I wouldn’t have all of these works in progress if I hadn’t had people in my life dedicated to teaching the art of writing.  I don’t know where all of my old mentors are, but from the bottom of this geeky girl’s heart, thank you.


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