Guest Post: Perfection is Relative by ML Nystrom

Perfection is relative.  I’ve read a lot of books where the main characters are always perfect.  Perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect weight, perfect jobs, perfect lives.  It’s nice to read about these perfect people and have that escape from the daily grind of life.  Dreams of those utopian environments is what I think many authors, including me, strive to create.  Readers get lost in the words and build scenes in their heads about different worlds, ones where all plots have happy and fulfilling endings.  I love reading romance books where everyone gets their fondest wish and finds the perfect person. I suppose that’s what romance novels are all about.

Run With It is a romance story, but has some differences.

If anyone has ever been a single working mom, time for yourself is next to impossible. No going to the gym, no spending time (or money) on mani/pedis, no go-out-clubbing nights.  Trips to Walmart and Target stores become the highlights of the week.  Much of this book, I drew on my own experiences as a single mom.  My routines centered on my role as a mother, even when I worked full-time.  I spent my days making a living and my nights were homework-dinner-bathtime-booktime-bedtime.  Rinse repeat.  A night out meant some school activity, a band concert, a soccer game, etc.  I even kept my hair long and blunt since haircuts were sometimes hard to schedule.  Personal time?  Not much.

Values change as a single parent.

Run With It is about a single mom.  She is not perfect.  She is short, overweight, and has cellulite on her ass because she spends her days taking care of everyone but herself.  She struggles to make ends meet both with money and with time.  She is saddled with an ex-husband who dumps ninety-nine percent of the childcare workload on her.  This is not a new story.  Many women are out there in the same boat and are working hard in multiple jobs while trying to be a parent.  It’s difficult.  I wrote Beverly to personify all the wonderful working women out there who sacrifice so much to be the super moms they are.

Connor is also not perfect, but he’s perfect to me.  I wrote his character based on my wonderful husband.  He has his quirks but when push comes to shove, he’s always there to support me and my son.  How many men out there foot the bill for a four-year college education for a kid whose not theirs?  My husband had no problem with it and neither does Connor.  I believe these are the men who are a rare breed and a rare find.  It’s nice to know they exist beyond the pages of a book.  Run With It is for all those strong single moms, and the men with the guts and courage to love them.  Salut!



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