Guest Post: Natalina Reis – Laughter In a Time of a Pandemic

Guest Post: Natalina Reis – Laughter In a Time of a Pandemic

I wrote all three books in the Of Magic & Scales series in 2019 and I’m not kidding when I say I had a blast writing them. There is something about Aiden and Naël that makes me happy. I’m not sure if it’s Aiden’s love for all things pop-trivia or Naël’s crankiness, but I can’t think of this couple without smiling.

Of course, 2020 happened and life got very serious all of a sudden.  I found myself struggling to write (I was writing a rather more serious fantasy) and in need of something different. Thankfully 2020 was also the year of edits for Of Scales & Fire, which gave me the opportunity to revisit my guys. Yes, I think of them as my guys, don’t judge me.

Once again Aiden and Naël made me laugh, made me swoon and want to hug someone (in a socially-distanced appropriate manner, of course). And so did their band of friends; Taz who shares Aiden’s love of pop culture, Cristina with her infinite patience and loyalty, and little Vee with her innocent yet sharp life commentary.

2020 was also the year I had to cancel my first trip to Portugal in three years. I had finally managed to save enough money to go see my elderly mother and my sister and nephews, but Mr. Covid-19 decided otherwise. The edits of Of Scales & Fire helped me deal with this disappointment as well. Since the series is set in my hometown of Carcavelos, a suburb of Lisbon in Portugal, I was able to visit after all—however vicariously. 

All in all, I believe I owe my guys a debt of gratitude because they kept me smiling through a weird year of a global pandemic. In fact, I missed them so much, I decided to write a companion Christmas novella and guess what? They did it again. I have been smiling like a fool ever since I started writing it. As a writer, I hope that they bring the readers the same kind of satisfaction and joy they continue to bring me. 

I think Aiden would agree with me when I say, a laugh a day keeps the pandemic at bay. Or at least, thoughts of it. So go forth and laugh away with Aiden, Naël, and their Scooby gang.

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