Guest Post: Motherhood is Chaos

Like Emma McCoy in To Have and To Hold, I’m a busy mom of three daughters. If you saw my calendar and To-Do List you would tell me that I need a day off. You’re probably right. These hectic days with my kids so often seem overwhelming. There are always more things that need to be done and less time to do them all. Most days I feel myself being pulled in a million different directions. More often than not, I go to bed feeling as if I have done a lot of things adequately, but nothing particularly well.

Being a mom is tough work, and it’s definitely not for the weak. In the hectic, hamster wheel of life, I’m trying to remind myself of this one very real truth- I know I’ll wish I had more of these crazy days once they are gone. My kids will only be mine in this way for a small period of time. The day will come all too quickly when I’ll wish I could fill up my moments by driving them around, teaching them, and hanging out with them.

So I’m trying harder to find the joy inside the chaos. I’m trying to remember that every exhausting, seemingly imperfect moment is the closest to perfection it’s going to get in this life. These are the years my kids will remember when they’re grown and off living their own lives. While I think I’m making schedules and To-Do Lists, what I’m really making is memories. 

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