Guest Post:  ML Nystrom – Wanna Know A Secret?

Guest Post: ML Nystrom – Wanna Know A Secret?

PSSTTT….Wanna know a secret?

I don’t like peaches.  Those slimy gummy slices suspended in a thick oversweet oil slick… no thank you.  Nevertheless, someone at a social gathering, potluck, or family reunion, will rear back in horror at the thought of anyone not liking that particular fruit.

My husband likes them.  Guess what?  It’s okay.

My brother-in-law, thinks it’s an act against nature for tea to be poured over ice and drunk cold.

I like iced tea and drink a lot of it.  Guess what?  It’s okay.

People have different tastes. There are those that will wrinkle their noses at peaches or drinking cold tea, however that doesn’t make the fruit or drink bad.  Nor does it make the person not liking peaches or cold tea abnormal or weird.

Give It To Me goes a bit deeper than food preferences.  Rhyleigh discovered early in her life, the art of shibari (rope tying). It fascinated her as does the world of BDSM.  It’s a part of her personality to be submissive, but like many other taboo subjects, she has to hide her nature in fear of being thought of as strange or unaccepted by her friends and family.  This has led to a lifelong battle of fighting herself, trying to find a place to fit in, and hiding her true self behind a mask.

Guess what?  That’s not okay.

How many others are out there, just like Rhyleigh?  Hoping to be understood and finding their place in the world?

Temple Grandin put it best when she said “Different, but not less.”  We all look for judgement free zones and people that accept us for who we are.  It’s hard to find that tribe of people or that one person we need in our circle, but I believe they are out there. I can expound this subject all day, but when it comes down to basics, we all want the same thing.  Someone who fits and loves us no matter what.

Rhyleigh found it in Angus MacAteer.

So get yourself a big bowl of peaches, an extra-large glass of sweet iced tea, and have an enjoyable read with Give It To Me.

Guess what?  It’s okay.


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July 6, 2021