Guest Post: Jas T. Ward & A Little Pill Called Love

Guest Post: Jas T. Ward & A Little Pill Called Love

What can I say about A Little Pill Called Love? The inspiration for the story came while I was holed up in my beach house when Hurricane Harvey hit in Galveston, Texas. It was me and my dogs, a cat and a ton of time on my hands waiting for the water to recede and the power to be restored. Like all my stories, Rylie spoke in my mind and then it was just a matter of putting her story down on paper. Literally—paper. At first. Thank goodness the power came on before I was too far into the book. I did a little dance with the furbabies when it did.

As the story unfolded, it pulled me along into a twisted yet quirky, fun story with little control of where it went. I do that often—the story idea is great. The execution is as much a surprise to me as it is to you reading it. And yes, before you ask, I have attempted to use outlines for my books, but that would mean I knew how it all goes. Nope. Never. I learn the story during writing it, just as you do reading it. If you’ve never read me, I should give you the standard warning. I write twisted stories. I attempt to write a happy, fluffy, fun story. And I fail every dang time. A Little Pill is no different.

Rylie is such a free spirit, yet held in a cage of control by an abusive mother. Somehow she keeps a light, cheerful outlook on life through it all. Her story has tragic moments that made me cry writing, and then fun ones that made me laugh until I hurt.  And wait until you meet her best friend, Roxie, and the Babes with Balls Squad. I dare you not to smile and maybe giggle during that chapter.

Mike is a complete contrast to Rylie. Obsessive with his career and laser-focused to climb the corporate ladder. If there was ever a A-type personality, it would be Mike. His story is just as complicated as Rylie’s, but harder to figure out. He’s hidden it so well for so long, it’s hard for him to reveal why he is, how he is. But trust me, you’ll want to know.

When these two meet, you are left to wonder how the heck this could work out. Funny, I wasn’t even sure as I wrote it. But love is funny that way. It always finds a way if we let it, and Mike and Rylie prove that in every way.

This book deals with some real elements in life in regard to mental illness, anxiety and struggles to break away from abuse.  I strive to create characters we can all relate to. Ones that we would love to meet, to hug and to have as friends. Or in Rylie’s case—shelter and save.

Speaking of save, I know you’re thinking aww, Mike saves her from her horrible situation. He’s her knight in literary armor. Well, you’d be wrong. That’s something I like to do too. As someone who fights bi-polar depression every day, I feel that sometimes we have to save ourselves before we can move past what we needed saving from.

Rylie is no exception to that belief.  Neither is Mike.  You’ll just have to read to find out how.  And earn that elusive HEA.  Mike and Rylie  have to work hard to find it.  And now, so do you. 


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