Guest Post: Hooray for Secondary Characters

I will go down in history—if historians ever actually hear of me—as the master of the secondary character. In every book I’ve written, readers have commented “I loved the main characters but I fell in love with **insert name of sidekick here**. I wish the author would write his/her story.” Lavender Fields was no exception and Caleb’s younger sister, Joan, seemed to be a favorite of most readers, as evidenced in the reviews:

  • “I really enjoyed this book, it was interesting, fast paced, and different. I loved the character development, Sky was incredible, Caleb was intriguing and Joan was just awesome.”
  • “Caleb’s sister is funny, outgoing and not afraid of anything really. She is the spunky teenager and I think you will love her.”
  • “But Joan, Caleb’s younger sister, was an AMAZING character.”
  • “I adore the characters, especially Joan, Caleb’s sister.”
  • “There’s also Joan, Caleb’s sister, who is possibly my favourite character in the book.”

And on and on…

Way to steal the thunder, Joan!

Not that Sky and Caleb would care and that’s what makes these two such good main characters. They are not perfect, far from it, and they are humble. Sky, as an angel, should be—by definition—perfect in every way, but he isn’t. Instead, he is a klutz who blunders in everything he does, earning him the nickname of “the liability” from his peers. He is also totally oblivious to his gorgeousness—don’t you just love that?

Caleb, meanwhile,  is doing his best to bring up his sister the right way and, in the process, he sacrifices his own social life. Joan calls him “the oldest young man on Earth” but he is too busy being the responsible guardian to care.

I love Sky and Caleb together—these two were made for each other—but I suppose they are surrounded by a great cast of secondary characters; besides Joan, there is Gabriel, Sky’s curmudgeon supervisor in the Death Squad and evil Samael who oozes viciousness from every pore.

As to the reader who said, “It would be great to read about these characters again and see how they are living their lives now that they have no more danger surrounding them,” you may still get your wish.

Don’t give up on these three just yet.

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