Guest Post: Five Reasons to Love Londyn Bellerose

Guest Post: Five Reasons to Love Londyn Bellerose

Let me introduce you to my main female character in Hearts Abroad, Ms. Londyn Bellerose. While there are many things to love about Londyn, I want to address five, so you know how incredible she is before reading the book.

First, Londyn is goofy. I tend to be more on the serious side, so when I wrote Londyn, it was fun to let all my silliness out. For example, Londyn loves the theatre and you’ll often find her singing (and acting out) show tunes with the two Archer girls. Another goofy example is when Londyn attempts to dance the choreography of a popular boyband song. These are but two examples. Believe me, there are more that will make you fall.

Another thing I love about Londyn is she accidentally says her thoughts out loud. How so, you might ask? Well, let’s say Londyn thinks someone is sexy…instead of merely thinking it, she’ll just say it outright then blush like heck because it was meant to be kept to herself. Her fumbles are adorable and help make her a character anyone can relate to. We all say inner thoughts sometimes then cringe right after. Londyn is no different.

Londyn isn’t a perfect woman. Sure, she may be beautiful, but she has flaws. That’s a third thing you can love about her. She struggles with her job as a playwright in New York City and truly wants to belong somewhere.

Number four to fall for Londyn is her love of chocolate, Chinese food, and chick flicks. I won’t give too much away, but these are a staple for Londyn whenever something goes wrong in life. They’re her cure all and I don’t blame her for turning to such delicious and entertaining things to help her through a rough day.

My last (for now) reason to love Londyn is because she doesn’t give up on her dreams. Having one of her plays on Broadway is her dream, but I will tell you that throughout the story, her ultimate dream changes. It happens more often than we think. With a little help, Londyn realizes where she was always meant to be. Even through struggle, horrible exes, and sunburn, love finds a way.

I hope I’ve enticed you to uncover more reasons to love Londyn Bellerose in Hearts Abroad. Now, I really want to write one of these about the main male character, Callum Archer…or you could pick up a copy of the book and tell ME the things you loved about all of the characters in Hearts Abroad. I’m always around to chat. Hope to hear from you soon.

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January 4, 2019