Guest Post: Christmas Evolving by Jackson Kane

Bah Humbug. 

Growing up I was always a Halloween kid. The candy, and chance to pretend to be something else for an evening was something I looked forward to much more than that bitterly cold time of year with all that awful music and forced joviality. Maybe it was because I had a rough childhood, but something about Christmas really unsettled me as early as I could remember. Presents weren’t always a given, neither was food or electricity, so seeing these perfect families in commercials and on TV soured the overly confectionary taste of the season for me.

Fast forward thirty years –  I’d somehow found myself as an author and like most of these stories, it was another author friend that talked me into writing a Christmas book. They sold me on it as a throwaway novel to steal a little money from people’s Amazon gift cards. Who doesn’t love spending all that hard-earned Christmas cheer on books, right? So like any hungry author looking for an easy win, I swallowed my pride and got writing. Holy hell, you should’ve seen the first garbage draft of this story! It was so cliche that even Hallmark would’ve thrown up in their mouth a little if they read it. Needless to say, I scrapped the whole thing and started over. This easy project was quickly becoming a real ball-buster for me. 

Right before I threw in the towel and got started on my next sexy, violent, non-holiday project, I decided I was going to try it one more time. The caveat was that this time for better or most likely worse, I was going to do it my way. To hell with all the trappings that you’d expect in a made-for-TV movie, my book was going to have a broken, borderline abusive family dynamic, awful people taking what they could, good people scraping by just trying to get through and all the messy, terribly human moments in between. It was only when I realized that these characters were just as screwed up as I was that the book really started coming together. I won’t go so far as to say this book is the reason that as I write this I’m looking at our freshly cut four-foot (baby steps) pine tree in my living room, but it’s not not because of that either. Christmas has evolved for me, and I can say with all honesty that writing this book helped me along in that journey. I won’t be out there carolling anytime soon, but these days I have been known to knock back a cup or two of eggnog…as long as it’s spiked with whiskey.

Happy (slightly less jaded) holidays from your favorite bad boy author.


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