Guest Post: Carolyn LaRoche’s Blue Ridge Murder Meet Up

Guest Post: Carolyn LaRoche’s Blue Ridge Murder Meet Up

Every couple has a “meet up” story—the way they found each other and eventually fell in love. For me, it was my husband’s ex-girlfriend that introduced us. She was convinced that we would hit it off because at the time I was studying Forensic Science and he was a police officer. I agreed to go with her for a visit and he and I actually did have a lot in common, but I made it a rule to never date the ex of anyone I knew. I absolutely forbid her to give him my number. Like a good friend, she did anyway and eventually, I agreed to go on one date with him. If it didn’t work out, we would go our separate ways.

We lived in two different states, about ninety minutes from each other. Early on a Saturday morning, I drove to his place—I wanted to go to him so that I’d have the means to leave if I felt the need. He lived at the base of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, so we went to a local attraction, Sugarloaf Mountain Park. The catch? We had to hike to the top of the mountain to reach the park. About halfway up the path, we stopped for a rest. Sitting on the ground, we watched as fluffy, white clouds skimmed across the crystal blue sky and I thought I’m going to marry him one day.

The thought came from nowhere and I pushed it away as quickly as it appeared. It took us three years and a long-distance relationship to get there, but we did say our vows and have been happily married for over twenty years, with two teen sons, four rescued cats and a moody, old dog. By the way, he proposed on the anniversary of our first date at Sugarloaf Mountain. He’s a bit of a romantic.

In my new book, Blue Ridge Murder, Evan Marshall and Alayna Baron have both loved and lost in different ways. When tricked by well-meaning loved ones into attending a single’s matchmaking weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains, neither of them expected to find love amidst arson, murders and chaos. Despite their broken-hearted pasts, they can’t help the attraction that forms during late night stake outs and near-death experiences. Their “meet up story” is laced with action, suspense and intrigue. A mountain top lodge amidst a massive snowstorm serves as the perfect setting for a budding romance and a murder mystery. Their “meet up” story is definitely unique!



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September 26, 2020