About Hot Tree Publishing

Who We Are

Hot Tree Publishing opened its doors in 2015 with an aspiration to bring quality fiction to the world of readers. With the initial focus on romance and a wide spread of romance sub-genres, we have since opened our first imprint, Tangled Tree Publishing, specializing in mysteries, thrillers, suspense, and crime.

Firmly seated in the industry as a leading editing provider to independent authors and small publishing houses, Hot Tree Publishing is the sister company to Hot Tree Editing, founded in 2012. Having established in-house editing and promotions, plus having a well-respected market presence, Hot Tree Publishing endeavors to be a leader in bringing quality stories to the world of readers.

Join our Family

Join the growing Hot Tree Group family of authors, promoters, editors, and readers. Become a part of not just a company but an actual family by submitting your manuscript to Hot Tree Publishing. Know that we will put your interests and book first, and that your voice and brand will always be at the forefront of everything we do.

What we’re looking for:

We want your most romantic tales, passionate plots, heartwarming tales of love, and

the most swoon-worthy romances you have to offer. Our team wants to make your romantic tales of fiction available to its readers by adding to our existing wide and varied subgenres in our established publishing house. Working closely with authors, our team will organize, schedule, and coordinate all aspects of the book development from editing to design to ensure as flawless a journey as possible. As a traditional publishing house, our mission is to extend our branches and reach new readers, sharing with them the best and hottest romantic fiction.

For more details, head to our Submissions page.

Our Team

Rebecca Johnson
Founder | Publisher
When Hot Tree opened in 2012 with the creation of Hot Tree Editing, my main goal was supporting independent authors and offering an excellent service at affordable prices. In 2015, Hot Tree Group saw the successful launch of Hot Tree Publishing, our romance publishing house. With its growth, extended range of subgenres and publication catalogue, it finally became time to open our first imprint, Tangled Tree. I’m looking to publish fiction that both challenges and thrills. I want entertaining, unique stories, originality, and am keen to welcome authors with passionate voices. I welcome authors who are risk takers and candid, and who are committed to joining a publishing family.
Olivia Ventura
Acquisitions Editor
Olivia has been an avid reader since before she started school, and could often be found with a book in hand during lunchtime. Her love affair with interesting stories morphed quickly to a love for words in general, and although she told herself she was going to be sensible and practical and not work in the literary industry, eventually she gave in… and hasn’t looked back since. Liv has worked in bookstores, as a recruiter, in resource management, business analysis, administrative management, and as a travel agent, as well as in the roles of beta reader, acquisitions editor, proofreader, editor, and managing editor. Three years ago she made her part-time editing job into a full-time career, and has never been happier. Over the past ten years she’s edited for the Wild Rose Press, Sapphire Blue Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Breathless Press, Dreamspinner Press, and of course the Hot Tree Group.
Justine Littleton
Project Manager
Growing up, Justine hated reading. It’s hard to fathom that this author, professional beta reader, and book blogger could have ever avoided reading, but that was once very much the case. It wasn’t until she was in her late twenties that she discovered a passion for the romance genre. Making up for lost time, she regularly read up to forty books a month. Being a stay-at-home mom at the time and struggling to afford her growing hobby, but also knowing it was an outlet she desperately needed, Justine’s husband suggested checking out some book blogs he had found her. One of those blogs was Bex ’n’ Books ran by Becky Johnson. Becky was looking for reviewers to help with the blogs growing demand. Within twenty-four hours, Justine was the blog’s new admin. Inside of a few months, Becky offered a partnership of the blog in order to free up more of her time to start Hot Tree Editing. As her editing company grew so did the bond and friendship between them. Justine developed her skills and eventually signed on to the HTE team as one of their first pre-edit beta readers. Justine’s been with Becky and the Hot Tree family for years, and loves and lives the company and all who it encompasses. She has been heard saying more than once she would be lost without her words and her work.
Donna Pemberton
Marketing & Promotions Coordinator
Books have always held a special place in Donna’s heart. Whether she’s satisfying her curiosity with a biography, or she’s looking to escape in any one of the many sub-genres of romance, her life revolves around the written word. When Donna was given the opportunity to beta read for Hot Tree Editing in 2014, she jumped at the chance to offer her support. Later that year, she cofounded Hot Tree Promotions, making it her mission to ensure authors receive the book love they deserve. Since then, Donna has taken on the role of admin for Hot Tree Editing in addition to being a final-eyes reader. She is also the promotions coordinator for Hot Tree Self-Publishing. She eats, breathes, sleeps, and dreams about all things Hot Tree, and she wouldn’t trade a single minute. After a twelve-year vacation in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Donna returned home to southeastern Ohio to be closer to her family, where she currently resides with her hunky and always supportive guy and their nine-year-old happy-but-health-challenged fur baby.

Contact Us

The best way to reach our office is via email. You can message us directly by filling out the form here, or you can email us directly at