Guest Post: Choices

Because of his twisted childhood with a father who didn’t spare the rod, Dallas King has spent his adult life striving for perfection, trying to overcome his past and create a perfect life in my book The Banker’s Bride. And he does a good job of it, too, until he meets Megan Shannon.

Megan is a no-nonsense Irish woman who has had her share of tragedy, as well. But when Dallas tries to mold her into his vision of the perfect wife, she rebels. She has never let any man run her life before, and she isn’t about to start now.  Dallas soon learns that you must accept people for who they are. He later realizes that if she would have conformed to his vision, they wouldn’t have the perfect life that they created together.

This book explores the thought of striving for perfection to overcome one’s past. But what is perfect, after all? No one and no life is perfect. We have to do the best we can with what we have and with the hand we are dealt. We plan our lives, then life happens, and somewhere in between, it becomes wonderful.

I’m also a teacher and I tell my students, as well as my own children, that you are given two lives. The first is the one that your parents give you. You have no choice over it, but you can do the best you can with it. The second life is the one you can choose for yourself.  We all have a choice, regardless of our childhood or our past. Each day is another chance to make a difference in the world and to live your version of your perfect life.

I also tell my students that you can look at any adult and know that is what you want to do or what you don’t want to do. Again, we all have a choice. We can all choose who we want to be. We can all choose the life we want to lead.

Make it a good one.

THE BANKER’S BRIDE releases on May 4th, 2019.

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