Author Picture

Kolleen Fraser

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest in coastal British Columbia. The lush green forests, snow capped mountains and ocean waves soothe my soul.

I’ve always been an avid reader and loved blogging about my favorite new books. I enjoy reading everything from YA and dark thriller stories but have to confess sci-fi is probably my favorite genre.

My author journey began by hitting publish on my first novel in my duet, Phoenyx Rising in 2015 and then its sequel, Titan Elite in 2016. I’ve always loved the YA Sci-fi fantasy genre, Demigods Duet is a not so YA take on my favorite genre.

Next I wrote a romantic comedy, Crazy about a fearful canadian on a road trip in Australia that is riddled with mishaps and laughs. It was great fun to write.
And that brings us to Exposure, I brought all the emotions and really pulled at your heartstrings with a second-chance romance for the ages.

For me, writing has always been therapeutic, a way to process and express all the crazy thoughts running around in my head. Telling powerful stories in real ways that readers can connect with.